Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It's the Economy, Stupid!

As I was watching the coverage of the New Hampshire Presidential primaries tonight it was as if the commentators forgot to place their commentary in the realm of reality that is our present day America and decided instead to speak in the grand language of recording history. One commentator who will go unnamed was quick to point out that Obama and his wife invoked past scenes of the Kennedy years. Another pundit looked extremely pleased with himself as he compared the Clinton victory to the famous “Dewey beats Truman” headlines. These experts, simply put, are out of touch with what is going on in this country. They were attempting to give tonight’s results the importance of a significant event in this country’s narrative, when in fact this primary will most likely be forgotten in less than a month.

With the general election still over 10 months away, Clinton should do herself a favor and ring up an old friend of the family, whose famous words have never rung more true,

“It’s the economy, stupid.”

As this presidential race develops, as hard as the frontrunners might try to avoid addressing the facts, there is no denying that the economy is going to become the overwhelmingly central issue this election year.

Cue Stage Left: Ron Paul.

Merrill Lynch, one of the United States largest financial institutions, today released a report, not to say a recession is probable, or even to say a recession is imminent, but rather to say that a recession for the United States of America’s economy is HERE. In the report they cited the recent unemployment rate hitting 5% to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Another key indicator that the recession is underway is that today AT&T’s stock took its biggest hit in five years. This is after AT&T cited that they have experienced the signs of softness in the home phone and Internet business. In layman’s terms: People are so broke they can’t even pay their phone and Internet bills.

Right now the recession is climbing quickly up through the ‘voiceless rungs of the lower middle class’ but those people will be given a voice in the year to come and expect them to speak loudly when it comes time to elect this country’s next President.

While Clinton is quick to talk about the unemployment rate or record oil prices, she isn’t willing to address the fact that the United States dollar is in a free fall. No candidate is willing to address the plunging dollar except for Ron Paul.

So bottom-line, Ron Paul has no reason to worry about the future of his campaign, even though his numbers tonight were weak, because when the impact of recession reaches the masses, the public will begin to demand answers and they will not find them in Obama’s message of hope, or in Hillarycare, or in the McCain’s hundred year war or quite surprisingly even in Romney’s Olympic experience. They will find their answers in a sensible sound currency and the sensible foreign policy stance of Ron Paul. It’s really that simple, just like Carville said:

“It’s the economy stupid!”

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