Friday, January 12, 2007

from Iraq...the power grab needs to stop

If we don't fight to bring to an end the violence that is so accepted in the world today...with the knowledge we have today...we will be viewed as the massive failure of our generation. We have all of the information nessecary to bring the violence to an the action on our parts is the only step left...let us organize like never before...without selfconcious or worry...let us organize with confidence and fury...there is no other way...while the stirrings are beginning let us shout in our master's house the brutalities that are so obvious...and let our master know that we are not pleased. We need to embarras the institutions that are in place...their disregard of the poor needs to be exploited. Their uncaring mind needs to be revealed. Let us step forward in the minds of the masses and scream the justification of the changes that are to come, inevitable as they may seem, but practical as they sit in the shirt pocket corner of this wonderful country.